Big News!

Ad we near the end of the second draft, I have BIG news.

Recently I decided that I was going to need someone to “look over” my work. It is very hard to read what I have created and see its flaws. I’m too involved. So, in comes the very purpose of the editor. Not only do they proofread and correct, they weed out character flaws and plot holes which is exactly what I need.

I decided to post on the Editorial Freelancers Association ( to see if anyone would be willing to help me. Over EIGHTY people were interested. And, always the intuitive, I had someone picked out that I felt I meshed well with. Until I read a certain email.

Now, when I looked over each email (I paid great attention to experience and the tone of the email itself), I wasn’t very interested in the ones who I’d need a dictionary to understand. I’m a real-life person. My readers will be 15-30 (I’d say everyone but this is just ballpark) year old young women. Why would I put them through such suffering?

But this one email…before she even got to the meat of her proposal, she managed to flatter me immensely.

“I became very interested in being your editor after visiting your blog. I’ve read as far back as September 25th so far.”

What?! She went back almost an entire month. I have written almost every day so that’s what, a little less than 30? We’ll call it 25. That is what caught me. Then she followed me on Twitter ( AS WELL AS my Facebook page ( Without even knowing it, she made me question my initial choice. Although her experience hadn’t been as extensive as others, her drive certainly made her stand out. I emailed her, fell in love with her response, and emailed her again early this morning to tell her I’d be honored to have her on my team.

While I am no Meda (some character you’ll eventually meet) 😉 , I know I made the right choice.

So, here’s to the wonderful Rosemi. Little does she know, she’s just bought herself a one-way ticket on the crazy train. Hopefully you’ll fall in love with my story as deeply as I have!


And because today is such a great day…you know what I’ve got. Another excerpt. Enjoy!

He still had nightmares. They weren’t every night and though he tried to hide
them, peeping over at me as I pretended to sleep through his jostling, I knew. I’d
learned by watching him that his dreams weren’t necessarily scary. He didn’t
wake up in a cold sweat because he was afraid for himself. His dreams were
about me. It was written in his stare, in the way he held me desperately after
each one, chasing away the remnants of whatever vision he’d been subjected to.


P.S. Currently playing Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls!


All my love,


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