“The process of…

“The process of rewriting is enjoyable, because you’re not in that existential panic when you don’t have a novel at all.” – Rose Tremain

I ran across this quote yesterday on twitter (www.twitter.com/socynthsays) and immediately it hit me. My words are already there!

I have to say, starting over at the beginning was slightly frustrating still. I had pointless words and my characters were doing and saying things that they usually wouldn’t. I guess you could say that I got to know them pretty well through out the initial draft. I know that I’ve posted photos and words on all of my social media sites. I will not be taking those down. At least not right now. It’s so great to see the scenes I’ve posted before bloom from the first write up to the gorgeous experiences they are now. Whether it be word placement or just taking out sentences as a whole, I want to witness these changes. I want you all to witness them too.

So yes, the second draft isn’t as…desperate as when I first sat down to the blinking cursor on the blank page of Microsoft Word. But, there are still hurdles.

I will be toning down the amount of excerpts I post because as I near the final draft, I would like to keep things a little under wraps. I’m still looking for a title! Maybe tonight? Keep your fingers crossed!


P.S. Listen to Imogen Heap. ANY of her work. She is a goddess 🙂


All my love,


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