Cover Art?

It’s 10:00 pm here as I finally sit to type this post. My day includes working 9+ hour shifts, working out, writing and somehow managing the time to speak with my family. Hectic, right?
It was only very recently that I finally decided to self pub. I realize that I have so much work ahead of me! It’s almost discouraging. But I’ve already made it this far so what’s a bit more work?

I decided to self pub because I want every decision. This is my first, my baby. I need to physically do the work to bring it to life (says the woman who doesn’t have enough time to eat 3 decent meals a day).
Nevertheless, this will be done.

My first worry is obviously the title. Every day I sit down and toss ideas to my friend Sarah who usually responds with a “Shut up” “That’s ugly” or “Hell no”. I think I need that tough love though. I know she loves Liza’s story as much as I do. Sometimes, as I’m writing, I’ll send her sentence after sentence so seesΒ she how I work. I digress (always wanted to say that).

Next up, cover art! I have no clue what I’m doing. If you do, feel free to comment or email me at!
I have this idea in my head of what I’d like but I need some wonderful ingΓ©nue to bring it to fruition.

Below is the amazing Sia, whom I’ve come to slightly worship. She is inspiring. Enjoy!

All my love,

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