Game On

Before I being this review, I have to warn you that the content in the book I’m going to write about is for mature audiences. It contains violence and sexually explicit scenes.

Game On is the sequel to the previously mentioned The Game by A.J. Carella. If you haven’t read the first novella, I suggest you do before tackling Game On.


Game On

The story revolves around Tara, a young woman who is on the run from her previous boss Sergei and his gang of thugs and Kyle, a man running from his personal demons. They have taken up residence in LA and although Tara is happy with Kyle, she can’t help but think about the daughter she’d thought had died in childbirth. While Tara is struggling with her newfound life, Kyle’s thirst for vengeance returns when he’s tipped off on the name of the man who killed his wife and unborn child. Will Kyle find a way to move on before his past ruins his future? Will Tara be able to control the urge to see her daughter before she lands herself right in Sergei’s trap? The story of two lovers and their journey toward happiness with a past determined on ruining any chance of it.

A.J. Carella is definitely a master of the dark world she’s placed her characters in. At every turn there stands a conflict and definitely keeps you on your toes. Pick up a copy of her work and support her as a self-published author! – Follow her on Facebook!

All my love,


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