Check out the title. Look at it again!

Tomorrow my first draft will be complete. Now I know initially I said that I’d be reaching for 90-100,000 words. I may reach 70,000 when I’ve completed my first draft. This does not mean I will not be hitting 100,000 words. Now that I’ve gotten to the end, I need to fill in plot holes and add more essential scenes! Be excited!

I’ll be attempting to take about a week off (not even looking at my manuscript) before I started the second draft. I need to recognize what is terrible and what isn’t.

I know I write short posts but I really am terribly busy :/

But I’ll make it up to you all! No excerpt tonight, though. Strictly writing.


P.S. Currently listening to Lana Del Rey – Dark Paradise while writing. This should be intense. Also, I’m hoping I’ll have a new title idea to share as well!


All my love,


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