Tonight’s post is random. As I’m typing this I actually have NO idea what it’ll be. Let’s see where it takes us!

Have you ever thought about what an author actually does? Yes, yes, we all know they write. But an author’s work is much harder than one would think (trust me, I’m attempting). Through the words that they piece together, forming paragraphs which in turn create this whole world before your eyes, they are magicians. And if you’re a believer, well then, they’re doing their job.

Take Twilight for instance (I happen to be rereading it now). Sure, everyone had heard of vampires before then but Stephenie Meyer brought something new to the table. She not only made them relevant to her readers, she made an impact on the world. Whether people were enjoying her work or ridiculing it, they were still familiar with it and that is the BEST marketing one can have.

She then inspired 50 Shades of Grey which became even more popular than it’s predecessor. EL James made sexually explicit work mainstream! She made sex ok to read in airports and break rooms. A true pioneer. Again, whether they were reading or ridiculing, it was still huge, opening the door for other authors such as herself.

Sylvia Day. Sylvia Day. I find myself not able to even read your books while I’m writing. They make me feel as though my work is somehow inadequate. Words cannot describe how much I am truly a fan of yours. You are a class act and I’m beyond glad to say that we were in the same Army, then both chose to share our love of words. I will meet you someday. If you haven’t already picked up her Crossfire Series, do so! You are missing out!

I guess since I’ve mentioned authors I enjoy, I’ll have to mention the Queen of Romance; the very woman who opened the idea of reading an entire book in less than 24 hours to me. Nora Roberts. I’ve actually met you and have a signed copy of your book ‘Creation in Death’ (Written as JD Robb). I almost cried when it was my turn to have my book signed but you looked up at me and I’ll always remember the what you said to me.


Sounds like nothing to you but to hear even one word from my hero…that was such a great experience. I hope to meet you again once I’ve been published.

Nora Roberts

I’m sure I’ll look back at this post and cringe with the sound of unadulterated admiration just pouring out of this post but it doesn’t matter. We’re not in this world to simply correct people. We can appreciate good work and in turn, show them it was truly appreciated.

To everyone I mentioned, I am eternally grateful that you were courageous enough to pave the way for someone like me.

P.S. 66,000 words 🙂

All my love,


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