The Quest for a Title

Last night I spoke with a friend of mine and we were discussing my book title. Previously I had decided on Troubled Tides. That was until I was informed of the latest Pirates movie ‘On Stranger Tides’. Needless to say, I decided to ax the title and start from scratch.

The problem is…I have no idea what the title should be! This is even more difficult than writing the thing.

I have to cut this post short because I have an early morning but if anyone should come up with an idea, let me know! Here’s an excerpt that I find especially sweet because it reminds me of home around this time of year (a little earlier).

“The sun was shining through the trees but I could tell autumn was officially here. It was in the way the breeze kicked up. I found myself pulling my sweater closer, the wind tickling my face with the strands of my hair. The leaves had begun to change and even as I was watching, some of them flowed freely toward the ground.”

All my love,


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