Let’s start off with an anecdote tonight, ok? Today someone asked me what my book was about. Usually when asked this, I go into this spiel about it being Urban Fantasy and how I don’t really want to explain it. I usually toss in ‘bad luck’ for good measure. Whatever. Tonight when I was asked, I gave a one word explanation: Mermaids. When I said it, he reacted as I expected. Definitely surprised but more than that, skeptical. Sure, there was curiosity in there as well but what bothered me is obvious.

Now, I know since The Little Mermaid there hasn’t been much hype about them (shout out to Ariel and all of that). But I’m here to change that in a very big way. Thank you Disney for opening the door for me but sit back and kick your feet up. I’ll take it from here.

In this story, there are no shell bras (darn it, right?) and there will be no singing crabs (lobsters?)!! Ariel will not be featured and King Triton will not be joining us…in a sense. I’m here to change everything you ever thought of when you hear the word ‘mermaid’. That’s my job. Your job is to come to this story with and empty mind. Do not sit down with my hard copy or ebook and have all of these ideas in your head. Because you will probably be let down. Over and over again.

So I’m glad that he reacted the way he did when I gave him the one word answer. It fuels me to deliver a spectacular story. And while I know that my book won’t be for everyone, I hope that at least the people who take the time to read it enjoy it thoroughly.

  • Expect Magic! – If there are mystical beings, of course there’ll be magic.
  • Expect Romance! – In copious amounts. I love love. And I love to feel like the love is real.
  • Expect Action! – Conflict usually induces combat. Who am I to argue this?
  • Expect a Sequel! – Uh, yes.

Stay tuned! The first draft is nearly finished and I’m so excited for you guys to be a part of this!

All my love,


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