The Ending is Merely the Beginning

As most writers know, you can’t help what comes into your mind. For the past few days, this amazing scene has haunted me. I will call this scene The End. Now, because this scene is The End, I wanted to try to write chronologically (silly me, right?) but finally today I gave in. I’m happy I did because it was just the swift kick in the butt that I needed. Also, it’s the most action-packed scene (who knew fighting with magic could be so fun?) so it’s been a welcome challenge. I want to give you a few sentences…just a few!

He punched her soundly and she reared back, a gust of cold wind forming in her palms. Edric was too quick for her to physically strike but instead of her aiming the blast at where he was, she targeted where he was going. When the icy blow smashed into him, he was thrown back. I was enraged when she threw back her head and laughed mirthlessly.

I hope you liked the teaser!

P.S. I played Bring Me to Life by Evanescence while I wrote this!


All my love,

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