Today, my friends, we have reached 1,000 views! I know this may not seem like a lot to you but each view is a win for me. Each view represents a person who took a few minutes of their time to check out what I was saying. Which makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

I’m working on a particularly dramatic and dark scene so I’ll be playing The Civil Wars (both albums) for the rest of the night.

I’m kind of jumping around from topic to topic but I write in the same tone I speak so…yeah. Next topic:

I have no idea if I should self-publish or try out the agent bit. I would love to hear feedback as to which route worked for what individuals. I’ve spoken to some lovely authors and they’ve each told me about their journey with publication. In other news, (jumping again) I just got my Chrysoprase necklace in the mail! Chrysoprase is a stone used in my book so it is something I was looking forward to. I’d love to order more and pass them on to some of you. But I think I’ll wait until I’m closer to being published or until I’m published before I hold some sort of contest to win them.

Today was a long day. I’m at a very busy point in this deployment so I apologize if I don’t seem as attentive as before. Writing alone takes so much time and dedication. A deployment is just as draining. But writing is something I have to do. Elizabeth (Liza) would like to meet you all. 🙂


All my love,


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