Art is a Cycle – My Love of Words

I realized something today as I was taking a shower. This is going to sound silly because of course this is something I should’ve noticed before but I’ll clue you in.

All of my tattoos are words.

Granted, I only have three small ones but no flowers or hearts adorn this body. I’d like to think my subconscious was telling myself that my love for words would eventually lead me here. The tattoo on my spine says “Music should be your escape”. While I think the same rings true for books, I still find a special place for music. Music not only eases my mind, it fuels my writing. Hence the title Art is a Cycle.

From a young age I always loved to read. My uncle used to sit me down with a rather large novel (probably around 200 pages; I was around 7 at this time) and have me read paragraphs to him. Each time I finished, he’d give me this look, as if I was amazing. I could say this started my love for the written word but it was more than that. My sister Kynthia would always read to me and that ignited something in me as well. But let’s discuss the actual book that got me started; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Initially my father bought this book for my sister Jet and I had no interest in it. I was too busy coloring and playing with dolls. But over time, the universe worked its magic and I picked up the book out of boredom. To say I instantly fell in love continues to be the greatest understatement of all time. I was enthralled, excited and impatient. From there my library grew and there hardly was a time that you wouldn’t see my nose in a book. Even in grade school, I’d get in trouble for having my personal book opened inside of my textbook. As punishment, my parents would take away my reading privileges. Doesn’t sound like your normal child, right? What is normal anyway.

So after I finished high school, I tried my hand at writing. As most of you already know, it was terrible. I rushed into the story and most of the ideas had potential but they were too scattered. It was as if I’d taken a million good ideas and tried to jam it into this one idea; not a smart thing to do. But it was an amazing experience that I definitely needed!

Being in Afghanistan has given me the courage I needed to try again. Here I am, 54,000 words later! There are no words to describe how I feel right now. It’s as if I took the love I have for books and multiplied it! I sincerely hope that when I’ve completed my book, you all will feel the way Harry Potter made me feel. While I know the story isn’t for everyone, as long as you still hold onto your beliefs of love and magic, you’ll enjoy what my characters have in store for you!


P.S. I was listening to Drake’s new album Nothing Was the Same as I wrote this…if you’re interested.


All my love,



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