Prove it!

Today I sat down and decided that I needed a goal. Forget me saying that my manuscript will be complete before deployment. Let’s up the ante: My manuscript will be complete before Halloween! At 52,500 words with a goal of around 90,000 I think this can be done. Are we ready for the ride, friends? With that said, here’s another excerpt:



When her eyes found mine, they were damp. Before she closed herself off, I saw an image of two women playing in a field. One was Meda, youthful, carefree. The other woman shared some of her features but she had an air about her, a glow. The sun touched the strands of her hair, making her look like an angel and her full lips gave way to the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen. Meda was looking at her in this flashback the same way I was looking at her presently: as if she were so beautiful, she might disappear. Strangely, the fact that she was no longer with us hit me like a ton of bricks, breaking my heart. I could hear her giggle as the small recollection faded from my sight. Ready? I could hear Meda ask her. Of course. She answered in an honest tone, I trust you Halimeda.

                As I came back to the here and now, I could hear the both of them deep in conversation, my episode going unnoticed. A lone tear rolled down my cheek as I fully grasped and appreciated that Meda and I weren’t all that different. The sadness in her soul made my heart ache. She’d lost her best friend. I quickly wiped my face and took a deep breath before turning to them and joining their discussion.

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