50,000 Never Looked So Good

Today feels a little different for me. I’ve managed to reach 50,000 words and I’ve finally realized that this is really happening for me. I’m so ecstatic and thankful, I can’t even put it into words. Because of you all, I feel like this could really happen! And I’m so happy to be the one to deliver such a great story to you all!

Last night was amazing. I have the link posted below. Anyone who knows me well, knew I was extremely nervous. But after a while, I relaxed and had a great time. Thank you for those listeners and as I said, this is for you all. You can do anything!




I did mention yesterday that if I got good feedback, I’d post another excerpt. I don’t even know if I did receive great feedback but I’m going to post one anyway. You all deserve to see what you’re supporting me for! I hope you enjoy.

 Again, I am in no way a published author and there may be errors/changes.


She was serious-looking woman with dark greying hair and olive skin; her eyes dark brown and her face held the same look Angela’s did; knowing. As if we knew each other intimately. It was slightly intimidating. She looked at Farah, looked through her rather, and held her hand out for her to place it on top of. Farah laid it out timidly, palm down.

“Do not speak unless I ask you a question.” Her voice was strong. It held a luxurious tone but was stern all the same, “You aren’t quite a believer, Farah.” She turned her hand over and ran her free one over Farah’s palm, her rings gleaming in the dim light, “You were born in Mystic. Your parents died quite some time ago in a car accident. You were raised by your aunt. She moved when you turned 20 but you couldn’t bear to leave,” She released her hand and folded hers together in front of her, “You feel like this place is the closest you’ll ever be to your parents. Is this true?” She looked at her with her brow arched, knowing it was.

Farah nodded and swallowed, her eyes watering. My heart was lodged in my throat.

“What do you want to know today, Farah?” She leaned back as she asked the question, “Your future?” She touched her bottom lip as she gazed at her.

“Yes, please,” Farah said. I was surprised her voice came out so clearly. I could tell she was in way over her head.

“You, my dear, have some interesting times coming your way. Brace yourself for the adventure of a lifetime. But be sure to have an open mind,” she paused, looking impassive, “Will you find a man? Yes. But he will not be as you are,” She waved her hands as she spoke, “Will you be rich? That depends upon one decision. You will know when it’s time to make this decision but you will not know the outcome immediately. You must follow your heart at all times. It is your compass.” With that she looked at me, dismissing Farah.

“Elizabeth. I’ve waited a long time to meet someone who can genuinely surprise me. You have done that just by walking into my shop,” She looked at Farah, “Remember I said to brace yourself for an adventure?” Farah nodded slowly, a frown pinching her brow.

Meda smiled to herself and touched her lip again, “She is your ticket,” She pointed lazily at me while her smile widened. I could feel my face burning. Please God, don’t let her know. Don’t let her say anything, I prayed to myself.

“Elizabeth, try as you might, you are not meant to be the boring creature you crave to be,” She leaned forward intensely, “You are destined for greatness,” the last word came out in a hiss. “But to think it will come easily and without enemies are two very foolish ideas. You will be tried and tested. But you will prevail so long as you wish to.”

She rubbed her hands together and tilted her head as she looked at the wall, almost as if someone were whispering something in her ear. She smiled before proceeding, “You have a darkness to you. Something you wish me not to say in the presence of your friend. As you wish.” Her face became blank. She looked deeply into my eyes, leaning forward again. After a few moments I squirmed. She sat back, her face registering fear.

“Your fate hangs on one thing and one thing alone: whoever gets to you first.” And with that Meda got up from her chair and walked away, taking all hope I’d had of leading a normal life with her.

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