Let’s Talk About Sex…AND My Interview on MillerTalk Tonight!

First things first, 6:00 PM sharp (Eastern Time), where will you be? That’s right! Listening in on my interview with Leonard Miller on Miller Time Radio. Tap this link: Http://tobtr.com/s/5449343 or call this number: 213-943-3818. As I said, if the numbers are good, I’ll post another excerpt tomorrow. I’m sure I can think of something out of my 49,500 you guys would be willing to take a look at. Also, you can call and ask me questions. Please do! I so look forward to tonight.

Last night I posted something on my personal Facebook page that I’ll share with you all.

“And while I found your sporadic sassiness quite sexy, sexy isn’t something the world has a shortage of. I’ve had sexy and sassy. I want you. – My character, Edric

I hate that there are so many books that are just interested in the lustful side of things, mistaking sex for love. Sex IS NOT love. Sex is an act between two people who love one another (in most cases). So while everyone writes about sex, I’ll be writing about love…among other things. Good night guys.”

Now, I don’t have a problem with people who write about sex. God knows my kindle is currently full of steamy romance novels (yes, including the Fifty Shades Trilogy!) so I am not averse to sex being in books. However, that is not my book and those are not my characters. Too many times the “love” part is overshadowed by the need to cater to the public; those still on the Fifty Shades kick. Erotic romance is a beast in itself. To be able to write about sexual intercourse without giggling is something I probably cannot do…at least not right now.

And for me, if we jump right into our hormones, how can we really experience the chemistry before it is sated? If I give you a man and a woman who meet and fall in love, all the time you witnessing their sexual chemistry growing, isn’t the reward much sweeter? You get to fall in love with them, witness the art of romancing as it dies slowly within society. In saying all of that, I will admit that it doesn’t look as though I will be writing a sex scene; at least not in this book. This may be naïve of me and it may cost me readers but that’s perfectly acceptable for me.

I figured I’d give you a little to think about before tonight’s show.

All my love,


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