I’m Going to Be On the Radio! (Internet, that is)


So recently my sister had a brilliant idea. She had a friend named Leonard who was doing this Internet Radio Show called Miller Time and asked if I’d be interested in doing an interview with him. I said yes and the rest, of course, is history. So…drum roll please…TOMORROW NIGHT at 6:30 PM (Eastern Time), I will broadcasted and you all are invited. Now, this is a huge deal for me so I’m going to need everyone to listen in. I want you all to hear me; hear what visions I have for this. So if you find yourself free, make it your business to be online, waiting impatiently. Hey, if I get good feedback, I’ll post another excerpt. It’ll be 2:00 AM here for me so I apologize if I sound sleepy but I’m dedicated. Feel free to call in with any questions you might have! I look forward to hearing from you all!

P.S. If for some reason you can’t make it to the shindig, you can always hear it again afterwards.

All my love,


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