And the Winner is…

So, the suspense is about to end. Everyone voted and I must say, a few times it was close. But of course romance took the win. I have too many female friends for this to have gone any other way (in my humble opinion). Without further ado, here is the excerpt promised:

“When I turned to go inside, I was delighted by the sight of him leaning against the front door, watching me in a way I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I walked slowly toward him, loving the silky caress of his stare. As soon as I was within arm’s reach he snatched my hand and pulled me closer, so that I was against the door jamb. When the pad of his thumb slid against my bottom lip, I felt myself shiver. I only got a glimpse of his wicked grin before his lips were on mine.

There was no rush. The way his lips played lazily against mine made me sigh as I circled my arms around his neck, pulling my slight form flush against his. When his fingers began to stroke the soft skin between my shirt and jeans, I pulled away.

I knew that this sort of thing happened with couples and that I was probably just being ridiculous. But a part of me felt like even though this was moving quickly, it didn’t mean we had to. I looked down at my feet, aware that I was still trapped between his body and the door frame.

“I know, I know.” He whispered and leaned his forehead against mine, “I won’t ever push you. Hell, I’m lucky to even touch you.” I looked up and saw that he was blinking his eyes rapidly, loving the way his lashes fluttered against his cheeks. He swallowed nervously, “I want you to know that every touch isn’t just sexual for me. I don’t kiss you because I want you…I mean, I do. Very much so. But when I touch you, kiss you, dream of you, it’s because it is the only way I know to cherish you.”

His words made my knees weaken, made my heart thump wildly in my chest.

“Why me?” I asked him quietly. Sure, I was pretty. But he handled me the same care he would a precious gem, always attentive. Even tonight throughout dinner, his hand remained on my leg, caressing me and giving me constant reassurance.

He picked up his head and looked at me as if he didn’t understand my question. Bringing my hands together in front of me, I began to wring them nervously. All I could think about was the fact that he was standing so closely to me, his steely eyes capturing every emotion. Slowly he tugged my hands apart before bringing one of them up toward his face. His gaze was still on me when he placed a soft kiss on the center of my palm. I was mesmerized.

A droplet of water landed on the side of his face, sliding down his cheek as he looked up into the sky with a laugh. Sure enough, a few moments later the heavens opened up and the rain came pouring down. He took me by the hand and led me out into the night, my shirt sticking to my skin within minutes. I laughed as he picked me up and spun me around, my wet hair swinging. My hands were outstretched and I felt weightless.

When he stopped, I slid down his body, trying to ignore the knot growing in my gut. I stepped back with uncertainty. Here we were, soaked, our clothes not leaving much for the imagination. He was breathing heavily and my eyes were glued to the way his dark t-shirt clung to every muscle on his torso; every ridge and plane, expanding and hardening with each pant.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Usually when I write, there are certain songs that I listen to that help bring the words out of me. For this particular scene it was both Come Away With Me by Norah Jones and Drunk On You by Luke Bryan.

All my love,


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