There are probably a few of you who have wondered why I haven’t actually discussed the plot of my manuscript yet. Usually I’d start out with that, right? I have some reasons for not doing that and I hope that you’ll understand, as you all will be my “fan base” essentially; those of you buying the book I hope to one day publish.

First off, I don’t know the entire story. How can I clue you in on what I do not know yet? What about the parts I have written, you say? I could very well give you a piece of my work but…can I trust you? I don’t know. Some of you seem a little shifty here.

But I suppose I should since you’ll be reading it at some point in any case. So what’ll it be? A romantic scene? Maybe you guys would like to hear something a little dark? Give me some feedback. I need you all to participate; let me know that you are reading! I’ll check the votes and post the winning scene tomorrow night! Fortunately, the good people of WordPress have made it so that I can use a poll! The catch is, the results will not be shown. So the outcome will be unknown until my next post. Building excitement, eh? Let me know what you want to hear and I’ll try my hardest to give you exactly that.

I offer my sincerest gratitude for those who choose to partake in this little game.

Be reminded that I am in no way a published author. This is a first draft so I absolutely expect there may be errors/future changes. I’d just like to give you a feel of what exactly I’m capable of. Most people who know me personally, know that I am not considered conceited by any standards. But I will say this: I have the makings of a great writer. Stick with me, my friends, and we will go far.







Let’s talk about some Army stuff, shall we? I’ve been enlisted for nearly two years. On October 1st, I will be promoted to E-4. This makes me very happy as I came in as an E-1. I love my coworkers and I offer a smile to anyone I cross paths with. Being deployed is tough. But I must say that technology has made it a little easier.

There are those who’d like to send care packages. Care packages are awesome and, for some, come few and far between. If you’d like to send something to some of my battle buddies, let me know (via the email address posted on the About the Author page) and I’ll provide you with a name and address. Any little thing counts. DO NOT SEND: Pornography, Alcohol, Perfumes, Weapons, etc. Pretty much anything that could cause potential trouble. Thank you in advance.


All my love,


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