Why The Sound of Serendipity

Good evening, all! As you may or may not know, I’ve released the info for my next release (with the help of Southern Belle Book Blog). I decided to post a video to explain why the sequel to Crashing SoulsSouls Collide–isn’t my next release. Ultimately, I needed to write a book that wasn’t as intense for my own sanity. See my video below!





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It’s Been a While

I feel like as I’m typing this, I’m dusting off the blogger in me and re-introducing myself. I’ve been writing and writing and this year, I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time. I always thought I would between my projects but this year, I did it. It was amazing and I was tired for the entire month. I met my goal and went above that. I believe by the end of the month, I’d hit over 55,000 words. That project has been submitted to my editor (Rosemi) and I’ll be receiving it back tomorrow. As crazy as it sounds, that book will be my next (fourth) release.

Here comes the kicker: I haven’t officially announced the book, the synopsis, nothing. Only to a small group of readers found in my Facebook group. They seem genuinely excited and I personally am so I only hope the rest of the reading world will.

I was a little concerned about publishing this book that I’ve been so quiet about. I worried that if I didn’t promote it, no one would read it. And that is true. Especially since I’m still relatively small. But I’ve decided (with the help of a blogging friend of mine) that this is the best route for me. It keeps my head attached to my neck and I’m less stressed out. I’d love to see readers get excited over it but I’m going to do what I can with my schedule and the less pressure on me, the better. So, yes, I’m being selfish for my own sanity but also for the readers’ sanity. Once the book is gearing up for release, I’ll check out some agencies and see if they can promote so I can continue to focus on my writing.

It’s taken me a while to find my rhythm. It was Sylvia Day who encouraged authors to write three books before publishing. I agree with that advice only because, by your third book, you know your way around your work or you finally find your way around it. I’m happy to have published three books and written more words than I can count. There’s so much more for me in my future and I hope you all tag along on this crazy adventure.

Now that I’ve found my rhythm, I don’t know that I can ever stop.


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It’s been a long time. And I have a few things to say!:)

First, ARCs of Crashing Souls have gone out. To see their feedback, check out Goodreads! I am excited to see what the rest of the world thinks once this book is published.

Second, I’m taking part in a giveaway. You can participate on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts!

Third, I’ve been writing another book. Delta Lie. I’ll be revealing the synopsis for this book on August 12th on all of my social media accounts listed above. Add this book to your TBR piles on Goodreads!

I hate to blog and run but hopefully in the next coming weeks, I’ll post more frequently!

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Crashing Souls Birthday Excerpt!

I know I always promise to post more. I’m not going to make that promise again. Instead, I’m going to post when I have time and hope that will be enough. Yesterday, I promised on my Instagram account that I would post an excerpt for my birthday today. Here’s that excerpt!

*Disclaimer: The following is an excerpt from Cynthia A. Rodriguez’s upcoming novel, Crashing Souls. It may be edited or removed prior to publication.*

I didn’t know what to expect. But as Noa brought brush to canvas over and over, sometimes different colors, sometimes the same, I was in awe of her. She’d stepped back a few times, as if changing the focus from the one spot she’d worked on to the entire image. I didn’t think she remembered that I was still here.

She leaned more toward cool colors. When she brought a splash of brightness to the painting, I was more than surprised. In my mind, the darker colors represented Noa before me. And that small splash of brightness, it was hope. It gave me hope that she knew light when she saw it. And that she’d follow it through the darkness, to me.

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Crashing Souls Cover + Release Date!

I’m wiping the gunk out of my eyes and racing the clock to get this out to you lovely folks! It’s been an amazing road to this day and I cannot believe that this book is actually happening.

For a long time, these characters sat inside my head, wanting out. And finally, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I jotted down the first words. And when I told Rosemi, she was onboard. So, now I hope the rest of you are!

Set to release October 27th, 2015, here’s the cover for Crashing Souls:


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Writing and Moving and Living and CRASHING!

It’s been so longggg! I’ve missed talking to you all. I apologize for the lack of posts. I’ve been moving across the Atlantic as well as releasing Chasing the Tide and prepping to release Crashing Souls.

On the 22nd of this month, Anterior Books and I will be revealing both the cover art and the release date for Crashing Souls. In addition, a group of bloggers that I’ve come to love are posting an exclusive excerpt over at BooksHavePower! I am very excited for this project and we’ve gotten great feedback from several rounds of betas. It’s easier for me to post on the go on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so if you haven’t already, be sure to follow me there!

CS Teaser

I’m working on Crashing Souls, so time is short. But I’ll be sure to post frequently!

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Jesse’s Warriors

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few days now. But with work and getting ready to move, it has kind of fallen aside. Not because I don’t care but because usually when I get home, I pass out.

Today is the day!

Many of you know that I wrote Mystic Waters and most of Chasing the Tide while I was deployed. You also know that while I was deployed, my unit lost someone. And you may even know that I’ve dedicated Chasing the Tide to him. Well, I’ve decided it is time to really dedicate myself to his cause. Which is why the first month’s sales of Chasing the Tide will go to Jesse’s Warriors Inc., a non-profit organization started by SSG Jesse Williams’ mother, Debbie, to help other service members. Their help ranges from helping veterans, retirees and actively serving men and women with paying bills to sending care packages to deployed service members.

I completely admire this woman for taking her grief and turning into something beautiful and positive. While we were all lucky to have spent time with him (even if only moments like me, or his lifetime like you), he was lucky to have you. God bless you!

I would encourage everyone to head over to the Mystic Waters website and pre-order the paperback. Chasing the Tide releases May 1st!

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